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Our mission is to offer you a wide variety of distinctive and fiercely competitive choices. A full-service electrical consulting engineering firm is PIGEON IMPEX. The organization has experience in all facets of B2B and B2C business as well as non-corporate solutions to eliminate skill gaps and expand chances that boost employee productivity with favorable outcomes.


Pigeon Impex aimed at becoming a leading, competitive, diverse and flexible company earing increased shareholder value by being a favored corporate citizen, employer, supplier, and seller of preferred goods.


Pigeon Impex is intended to commercialize their business by extending their product line and more standardized system for its consumers.


Pigeon Impex’s core values are “Full adherence to the law, transparency, fairness, and regard”. These guiding principles promote doing the correct thing while following the established procedures. It also underlines the importance of having appropriate interactions amongst various parties and providing our customers with all B2B and B2C business aspects as well as non-corporate services.


In all nations, pigeon Impex is devoted to the following business principles while sensitive to the cultural laws, customs, and religious beliefs:

  1. Quality Control and product security:

Our company name is a pledge to the purchaser that the merchandise is secure and up to par everywhere in the world.

  1. Communication with consumers

We are dedicated to providing customers with trustworthy, appropriate. We value customer privacy.

  1. Taking charge and being accountable for oneself

Our employees are the key to our success. We seek out qualified and driven individuals who share our values, offer equitable chances for growth and progress, respect their privacy.

  1. Customer and supplier relationships

We demand honesty, transparency, and justice from all of our suppliers, agents, freelancers, and their staff members in addition to their adherence to our non-negotiable requirements.


We are able to offer you a wide variety of unique, sternly economical adoptions. The business provides services, office chairs, home appliances, decorations, bags, jewelry, undergarments, mechanical equipment, dry wood, and apparel. PIGEON IMPEX is a full-service electrical consultation engineering firm.


Three strategic pillars serve as our guides in creating value:

  • Growth achieved by ongoing innovation.
  • Operative effectiveness.
  • Allocating resources and capital with focus and understanding of objectives, especially through purchases and sales.

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